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bangla language learning

Five Simple Methods to Teach Your Child Bangla Language 

Language is at the core of our humanity, allowing us to express feelings and communicate intimately. Even after leaving home, our soul language remains within us, flourishing. Children growing up abroad frequently speak their new home’s native tongue, leaving parents trying to teach their children Bangla an enormous challenge. Bangla School offers numerous resources and techniques that can assist this learning journey. Here are five easy strategies you can employ to teach your child Bangla while keeping it alive!

bangla language learning

Use songs and nursery rhymes to develop phonemic awareness

Children naturally respond well to songs and rhymes. Use this natural tendency as an advantage when teaching Bangla by including music with both rhythmic and melodic appeal in class sessions. Clapping along to songs together and singing aloud are great ways to increase phonemic awareness, an integral component of reading skill development.

Establish a Bengali cultural environment

Learning Bangla can be difficult outside of Bangladesh, so create an immersive learning environment by immersing your child in Bangla through stories and daily conversations that include native words and phrases—turning the home into a mini Bangla cultural hub!

bangla language learning

Create colourful cards containing Bangla words

Colourful cards featuring Bangla words can provide your child with an engaging way of learning new vocabulary. Not only is this engaging, but it can also strengthen phonics and decoding skills essential for language mastery.

Watch Bangla Movies or Natok Mes Gain Audio-Visual Exposure to Bangla

Tuning your child into Bangla movies and dramas (natok) can provide invaluable audio-visual exposure, helping him or her familiarise themselves with its sounds and pronunciations, complementing reading and speaking practices, and supporting auditory learning styles simultaneously.

bangla learning

Be patient and make it fun

Patience is key when teaching your child Bengali. Make the experience enjoyable by offering rewards and activities they enjoy, tailoring learning experiences according to the individual child’s pace, and celebrating each milestone as it occurs.

By following these five strategies, you can make the process of learning Bangla less daunting and more successful for your child. Don’t forget that Bangla School can play an invaluable role in this educational adventure by providing structured yet engaging ways to study this beloved language of Bangladesh.

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