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Kindergarten Math Curriculum Homeschool

Kindergarten Math Curriculum Homeschool

Build a strong foundation with our kindergarten math curriculum homeschool. Step-by-step clear learning guide for confident math learners.

Apart from learning English, you can also teach maths while sitting at home! Online Bangla offers dozens of kindergarten math skills to explore and learn! Not sure where to start? Go to your personalized Recommendations wall to find a skill that looks interesting, or select a skill plan that aligns with your textbook, state standards, or standardized test.

So let’s begin with a guide to an effective math curriculum for kids:

1. Principles:

✔️Sports and fun: Math for little ones means hands-on, fun learning. Songs, stories, games,

✔️crafts, nature experiences – all these will be taught through application.

✔️Practical Experience: Not only will books contain maths, housework, cooking, and

✔️gardening but also numbers, calculations, measurements, etc. will be shown.

✔️Step-by-step progression: Progress will be made in small steps, from easy to difficult.

✔️Move to the next step only after mastering each step.

2. Syllabus :

• Numbers and Counting:

✔️Counting and writing from 1 to 10.

✔️Counting and comparing objects (greater than, less than, equal to).

✔️Identify numbers by looking at pictures.

✔️Learning numbers songs and poems.

• Addition and Subtraction:

✔️Add and subtract with objects (rose + doll = how much?).

✔️Addition and subtraction with the help of diagrams.

✔️Simple calculations of addition and subtraction on the number line.

Shapes and Patterns:

✔️Recognize and draw different shapes (circle, square, triangle).

✔️Identifying shapes from objects or images.

✔️Creating patterns (colors, shapes, numbers).

Measurement and Comparison:

✔️Measure length, height, and width (by hand, with rope).

✔️Compare objects (longer, shorter, heavier, lighter).

✔️Estimate and measure time (minutes, hours).

3. Type of Activity :

✔️Songs and Rhymes: Make numbers and counting fun by learning fun songs and rhymes.

✔️Storytelling: Hide math problems in stories, and encourage solving them.

✔️Sports: Subjects like addition, subtraction, and measurement can be taught through ✔️games. For example, counting numbers while playing Ludoo, and addition-subtraction in card games.

Important points for kindergarten math curriculum homeschool:

Age Limitations:

This math curriculum is primarily suitable for children aged 4 to 6 years.

However, children’s pace of development may be different. Therefore, it is important to teach them according to their individuality.

If something is difficult to understand, it should be explained step by step, very patiently.


Math skills learned in childhood are useful throughout life.

Numbers, measurements, problem-solving – these skills come in handy at school, at work, and even in everyday life.

A strong math foundation is more likely to succeed in higher math subjects in the futur

• How can Online Bangla School help you?

Ensure your child’s participation in fun and interactive maths classes from expert teachers through online platforms.

Benefit from curriculum and activities designed according to age and ability.

Use online reports and progress assessments to track learning progress.

Support your child’s education and boost their confidence while staying at home.

• Tips and troubleshooting:

If children do not understand something, be patient and try to explain again.

To increase their interest, show the use of mathematics in housework, cooking, gardening.

Celebrate small successes. This will encourage them.

If there is any problem, contact the teachers of Online Bangla School.

We hope this guide will help you teach your child math at home. Online Bangla School is at your side! We are eager to contribute to your child’s education together.

At ONLINE BANGLA Learners School, we have a team of experts who are very friendly, sincere, and dedicated to helping people learn math. We strongly believe that learning is a fundamental skill everyone should have, and we are on a mission to make math learning accessible to everyone. We offer online courses and resources catering to all learning ability levels, from complete to beginners to advanced. Our courses are designed to be easy to follow. 

Get your child started learning math today!

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Q: Is my child suitable for this math curriculum?

Answer: This curriculum is primarily designed for children aged 4 to 6 years. However, the decision should be made according to the pace of your child’s development.

Q: How will my child learn math through Online Bangla School?

Answer: Our experienced teachers will teach your child math through fun and interactive classes, using a curriculum tailored to age and ability.

Q: How will I know my child’s progress?

A: We will provide you with regular online reports and progress evaluations.

Q: What do I do if my child doesn’t understand something?

Answer: Be patient and try to convince again and again. Our teachers are also ready to assist you.

Q: How do I register for an Online Bangla School?

Answer: Click on the registration link given above and follow the instructions.

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